With most pupils I always start with a comprehensive evaluation and game assessment in order to understand the individual at a deeper level and what the key causes are for the current performance issues.  I draw on my extensive experience and knowledge of core principles to diagnose what these true causes are.  I also use HIGH SPEED VIDEO and some of the most advanced technology to help me see what the eye can not possibly detect.
I do not prescribe to a certain belief system or fixed model of how to swing the club.  Everybody is unique with their own basic movement patterns and "DNA" traits to their swing.  I believe in highly effective movement training with as few words as possible to ingrain the correct FEELINGS which produce RELIABLE, DESIRABLE SKILL SETS.  I want my players to be SKILLFUL UNDER PRESSURE, rather than just technically proficient on the range or in practice.  
I help serious amateurs and tournament professionals to develop their skills and ensure that these skills hold up under pressure. This in turn improves their overall performance and scores on the course.

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