I have been a full time PGA golf coach for nearly 25 years.  During this time I have passionately dedicated my working life to studying and learning about the real truths behind what it takes to perform and succeed not just in golf, but in life itself.   I've read over 200 books on related subjects, attended over 50 coaching summits, and traveled all over the world in the quest to learn. 


In addition to this I have also spoken to and been mentored by some of the leading coaches in the world not just in golf but from a wide range of sports.  I worked very closely with Sir Clive Woodward (Team GB Olympic Performance Director) in the run up to London 2012 on a range of ground breaking and innovative coaching projects.  This has given me a real depth of insight and basic common sense about how to approach a long term development performance plan for my clients.

I have coached all types of player of all levels and takes great care in creating a fun and informative coaching environment to learn simple and highly effective concepts to improve your golf game, or your coaching skills.

At the start of any coaching journey I am careful not to jump to any conclusions or beliefs from previous experiences about why a client has a particular performance issue.  I take time to make a thorough assessment and think deeply about why these issues might be occurring.   I asses a wide range of performance factors and discuss them openly with the student to make sure we identify the correct issues.  I then focus on designing a bespoke training and development plan that contains regular measured check points to ensure we are on the right track.

If I'm not 100% sure about a certain issue with a student I will regularly consult with many other sporting performance specialists around the world who are the leading experts in their chosen field, to ensure that my views and ideas are based on sound scientific research and proven tested methods. 

I use the very latest in ball flight and club head impact measurement technology such as the GCQUAD [see the TECHNOLOGY page], and also use high speed high frame rate camera footage along with the best video analysis software to pin point key technical flaws that are causing the ball flight/shot result issues.

I also measure key performance stats from the golf course on all areas of their game using one of the best online stats analytics software tools, GOLF DATA LAB.  It measures the skill levels for their putting, short game, approach play, and driving.  There are over 14,000 elite amateurs and 2,000 professional golfers currently using this system around the world to help focus their training and practice on the key areas they need to improve.


To help all my students improve their golf game or coaching skills rapidly and efficiently.  To provide a world class coaching or mentoring service, using cutting edge technology, but at an affordable price.  IMPROVEMENT IS MEASURED and GUARANTEED! 


  • ENGLAND REGIONAL COACH (U16’s) – (2010 to present)

  • Golf editor for OLYMPIC COACHING PROGRAMME (2009-12)

  • Middlesex County 1st Team Head Coach (2014 to present)

  • 1 of only 14 coaches in the UK with top UKCC level 4 qualification

  • Over 20,000 lessons given to 1,200 different students

  • Golf Coach to Sir Clive Woodard**  (2009-13)  

       **(Ex-OLYMPIC PERFORMANCE Director / 2003 Rugby World Cup Winning Coach) 

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