Marco Penge  -  Age 19  - Coached from 2006 to 2018
I coached Marco for over 11 years with regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions every fortnight. I regularly went to his junior tournaments to watch him play so that I could know exactly how to coach him and what skills were required.  He won many national titles by record margins .  He also reached a plus 4 handicap at age 16, and 78th on the World Amateur Rankings at the age of just 18.  Marco turned professional at the end of 2017 and in April 2018 achieved his full tour card on the Euro Pro Tour card.
Marco's Words:
"Alex has been my golf coach since I was 8 (2006). I have achieved so much in the years that Alex has been teaching me. I reached scratch when I was 13, I started playing for England when I was 14, won many national tournaments and have broken many golfing historical records. Alex always explains things clearly and has been 100% committed to being my coach. Alex has been absolutely instrumental with the input of my progression over the years. My aim is to become a successful tour pro and with Alex's knowledge of my swing and game, I feel by us continuing to work together, this can be achieved!"
Sir Clive Woodward*   - Coached from 2009 to 2012
*Sir Clive was the WORLD CUP winning coach with England in 2003, and the PERFORMANCE DIRECTOR for the BRITISH OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION from 2006 - 2012
In the 4 year build up to the LONDON 2012 Olympics I worked with Sir Clive Woodward not only on his golf game but many performance coaching related projects for the British Olympic Coaching Programme.  With his busy schedule Clive did not always have the time to train at the course or the range so I came up with a wide variety of HOME COACHING drills and exercises to help his game improve.
Sir Clive's Words
"Since 2008 I have worked very closely with Alex on a number of world class and ground breaking coaching and teaching related projects. I have also worked with him privately to improve my own golf game. Alex is unquestionably one of the most effective and knowledgeable coaches I have ever come across.  His use of technology, I.T., science, and and incredible depth of knowledge gives him a deep understanding of how golfers can reach their full potential. I myself have made significant improvements with my own game with my handicap dropping from 8 to 5 since working with Alex. I cannot recommend him highly enough". 
Liam Ainsworth - Coached from 2015 to present 
Although Liam is originally from London, he currently lives in Florida with the specific aim of playing on the tour and then eventually the main PGA tour.  Most of the coaching is therefor remote via emails, videos and Skype calls.  I give him very specific training programmes and targets, advice on psychological and tactical skills, and on tournament preparation.  I also keep a close eye on all his statistics which help me fine tune the training programme targets to ever increase his skill levels.  Whenever Liam is back home we do meet up for 1-2-1 sessions.
Liam's Words
"Prior to meeting Alex, I worked hard at my game, but I always underachieved. I was a scratch golfer when Alex started coaching me three years ago. Alex gave me direction, purpose and ultimately the belief that there are no limits to what I can achieve. Alex taught me how to train in a way that completely revolutionised my game, by getting the most out of every second you spend practising. This has helped me to achieve things that I didn’t think were possible. There truly are no limits to what you could achieve with Alex as your coach. His knowledge of the golf swing, short game, putting stroke and mental game are in my opinion second to none".

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