Performance Consultancy

For elite amateurs and aspiring tournament professionals, knowing exactly how to develop their skills and improve at an optimal rate is a complex and often frustrating process. Often the answer does not lie in just a simple technical swing change, or different thought process, which is what is delivered in most traditional 1-2-1 coaching.
I use my vast knowledge from working with dozens of elite players, world cup winning coaches, Olympic coaches, and world renowned performance coaches to help advise and consult with players on how to fast track their development and performance gains.  Alex can help elite players with the following areas of their development:
  • Building the correct coaching team around them.
  • Training schedules, drills and methodologies.
  • Tournament Preparation.
  • Mindset / Focus & Distraction control.
  • Tactical Discipline and Course Management.
  • Performance and Statistical analytics.
  • Personal and Sociological factors.
  • Handling Pressure & Managing Expectations.
  • Skill Measurement & Testing.
The image above shows the 3 core areas of development for the serious amateur golfer or tournament golf professional.  These 3 core areas are:
It's widely acknowledged within the elite sporting world that what really separates those who make it from those who don't is the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your training and preparation.  In golf your training would include all the different practice and TECHNICAL and MENTAL development you might do on the range and practice area.  I know several training methods to help you RAPIDLY SPEED UP YOUR RATE OF DEVELOPMENT. 
I would also look closely at the time you spent in the gym developing yourself physically with a sound and intelligent STRENGTH & CONDITIONING programme specifically aimed for golf.  I regularly consult with highly qualified S&C coaches. 
Then there is the way you PREPARE FOR TOURNAMENTS.  This involves everything from scheduling, strategic planning, tapering your training and learning to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN rather than just by chance or luck.
This is the real central key area that I focus my analysis and consulting on.  I look in detail at what you do in your warm ups and practice rounds and how you go about developing a solid GAME PLAN for how you are going to play the course.
Another key area is how smart your COURSE MANAGEMENT and TACTICAL DECISION MAKING is when playing under pressure.  I will actually come and watch you play or even caddy for you to get a clear picture to how you go about your decision making and thinking.
It's vital for the elite golfer or tournament professional to be able to regularly MEASURE their SKILL LEVEL when training and practising.  I have dozens of great games and skills tests which help with this.  
I also encourage players to keep detailed stats from their tournament rounds so that we can measure the EXACT IMPROVEMENT of each particular department of their game and compare it against tour player levels or elite national amateurs of the same age group.
Then finally it is very key for a player to be able to REFLECT and ANALYSE exactly what happened in a tournament so they have a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING WHY CERTAIN THINGS HAPPEN to them on the golf course.  

Coach Mentoring

For the full time PGA golf coach it can be a difficult and daunting prospect to learn all the skills and gain all the knowledge required to become a highly effective and successful coach.
Having attended well over 100 different coaching summits and seminar days, read 100's of papers and books about the subjects of coaching and learning, I have put together a mentoring programme that helps new and experienced coaches with the following:
  • How to organise and construct a knowledge syllabus.
  • The research and Science behind how humans learn.
  • Swing technique principles and concepts.
  • Developing a fault finding matrix for golf swings.
  • Knowledge of IMPACT FACTORS, ball flight laws and CAUSE & EFFECT in the golf swing
  • The use of Technology
  • Bio-mechanics knowledge
  • Lesson structure & Professional Standards
  • Communication & Listening Skills
  • Business skills and retaining clients
The image above shows the 4 basic impact factors that affect how the golf ball will fly.  Each factor has 2 components to it (often a vertical and horizontal component).  It is a critical part of a coaches development to have a comprehensive understanding exactly how a pupils swing and thinking (concepts and understanding) are going to influence these 4 factors.
Having a sound understanding of CAUSE and EFFECT in the golf swing helps develop FASTER IMPROVEMENTS for your pupils' golf shots.  With the trust and confidence a pupil gains from knowing that you can give them simple and efficient drills to get rapid and long lasting results, you are able to RETAIN PUPILS for LONGER PERIODS, creating long term business growth and client retention.

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