I have dedicated my working life to studying and learning about what it takes to perform and succeed in golf, and in life itself.  I've read over 200 books in related subjects, attended 50+ coaching summits, and traveled all over the world to learn and develop my own skills, techniques and understanding and apply them to my coaching.  


I have fortunate to have been mentored by some of the leading coaches in the world, not just in golf but from a wide range of sports.  I worked very closely with Sir Clive Woodward (Team GB Olympic Performance Director) in the run up to London 2012 on a range of ground breaking and innovative coaching projects.  This has given me a real depth of insight and understanding on how to approach a long term development performance plan for my clients.

I have coached all types of player at all levels and take great care in creating a fun and informative coaching environment to learn simple and highly effective concepts to improve your golf game, or your coaching skills.

I am a licensed and accredited MACH3 trainer and can provide a range of Speed training programmes and tools for a variety needs.


  • Gain an average of just over 12mph in club head speed.

  • Improve accuracy and timing in swings.

  • Improve distance and accuracy. 


To get the full benefit of the training tools, it is important to receive the appropriate introductory, training and review sessions. It is not advised to use these tools without the proper training, this could lead to possible injury and dissatisfaction with the products.

MACH3 Speed training tools are custom hand built bespoke tools made using high quality and durable materials. 

All training tools are guaranteed against damage for 1 year.  

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