• Gain an average of just over 12mph in club head speed.

  • Improve accuracy and timing in swings.

  • Improve distance and accuracy. 

  • MACH3 Speed training tools are custom hand built bespoke tools made using high quality and durable materials. 

  • All training tools are guaranteed against damage for 1 year.  

To get the full benefit of the training tools, it is important to receive the appropriate  introductory, training and review sessions.


It is not advised to use these tools without the proper training, this could lead to possible injury and dissatisfaction with the products.

 Choose from the list of tools below and contact me to find out more:

alexsaary@gmail.com  /  +44 7799 676 307


Application: For all out PURE SPEED, PLANE and TIMING adjustments. 

The Jet Stick is a pure speed tool. It is, in fact, the only tool that is swung at absolute full speed. The high quality twist link chains with a ball on the end give real feel and auditory feedback to the user to time the maximum speed preferably well AFTER the ball.

All jet sticks can be CUSTOM BUILT to your exact specifications in terms of GRIP, LENGTH and WEIGHT. (Allow 2 extra days delivery time).  Please use the DRIVER SPEED guide below to choose the appropriate tool.



Junior (7-12yrs old)  £69

Ladies / Adult (80-110mph)  £79

Adult (Heavy,110-125mph speed)  £85

Adult (Long Drive, 126mph+ speed)  £89

Adjustable (PGA Coaches only)  £89 


Application: Timing, Efficiency, Movement Patterning, Back swing Loading, Core and lower body engagement.


This is the ULTIMATE training tool.  Incredibly versatile and can be used with a full back swing for loading patterns. The unique part stiff and part flexible handle gives so many uses and can be used in reverse too (holding the flexible end) by untying the rope and reversing it. The Mamba teaches you to load efficiently in the back swing, coordinate very efficiently, and engage the use of the ground and lower body. The Black Mamba is also superb for learning to hit pure wedge shots and knockdown shots with your irons.



Junior / Ladies  £105

Adult  £117


Application: Single arm speed training, arc width and timing

A very unique and simple to use tool that is excellent for developing single arm speed and timing of the release.  The flexible handle and soft but heavy rope gives the golfer multiple levels of real time feedback to increase the speed in each arm, control the arc width in the swing, and improve the timing of the release of the golf club.  This unique tool gives the golfer 3 forms of feedback in the way of feel, sound and touch.

Both models are fully adjustable in terms of the length of the rope to simulate the different club lengths.  The 2 choices below are based mainly around club head speed and grip size. Standard for Dr speeds of 100mph and less, Heavy for 100mph+


Standard (3/4" handle, 14mm rope)   £69

Heavy (1" handle, 18mm rope)   £79



Application: Strength, Plane, Balance & Timing 



The Speed Bomber is a strength, plane, timing, and conditioning tool.  It actually works best when swung at less than full speed. The intention is always to create more speed AFTER the ball, but due to the weight and shape of the Speed Bomber it can’t be swung at 100% speed.  (80-90% works best). They are also fantastic for controlling top of back swings and finishes to the follow through.



Junior (10-12 yrs)   £65

Ladies  £69

Adult (Regular)*  £79

Adult (Heavy)**  £85


*Dr CHS 90-115mph   

**Dr CHS 115-125mph


Application: Single Arm Training, Arm Speed, Shot Shaping, Distance and Speed Control. 


The Velociraptor is the most versatile tool. With it, you can train Trail Arm Throw, Lead Arm Throw, Two Arm Throw, Core Conditioning, Forearm Conditioning, Shot Shaping, Trajectory Control, Chipping Motion, Pitching Motion, and Putting Motion. When swinging the Velociraptor, because of the flexible handle, you cannot impart the same energy into the handle as you could if it were stiff. This leaves no alternative but to use your body and arms – not your hands – to power the swing.



Junior (10-12 yrs)  £74

Ladies  £79

Adult   £87


Application: Shallowing plane, Width, Coordination, Hand & release speed. 


The Shallow Stick is so named because it teaches the golfer to swing on a shallow path and to create ultra fast release patterns past the ball. It counteracts the golfer’s intuitive nature to swing over-the-top, get too narrow or stuck in downswing. The Shallow Stick is swung more on a baseball-like plane and when used correctly it feels a lot like cracking a whip


Junior (10-12 yrs)*  £49

Adult (16m rope)  £79

Adult (20m rope)  £89

*Junior model comes with lighter 30m blue rope (not shown).

JET STICK (Adjustable) - Coaches only

Application: For all out PURE SPEED, PLANE and TIMING adjustments. 

This model is for coaches only who want to be able to adjust the weight for different pupils.  It comes with 4 chain links for 4 different weight settings related to DRIVER speeds:

1 link = 80-90 mph

2 links = 91-105 mph 

3 links = 106 - 125mph

4 links = 126mph +

Price: £89

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