I help serious amateurs and tournament professionals develop their skills and ensure that these skills hold up under pressure. This improves their overall performance, reduces their scores on the course and helps them reach their full potential.


To help clients achieve their full performance potential I work within the framework of three Performance Pillars


In the elite sporting world, what really separates those who make it from those who don't is the QUALITY and QUANTITY of training and preparation. Golf is a complex sport, with several factors that influence performance on the course. To help clients speed up the rate of development and lay the foundations for improvement I focus on:


  • Skill Development: Using the latest technology and an in depth understanding of technique I develop bespoke training drills for clients that enable them to rapidly progress their technical and mental development.

  • Strength & Conditioning: I work with clients to develop bespoke programmes designed to complement their game and develop their bodies in the most advantageous way for their individual needs. To ensure I work with the latest developments in the field I regularly consult with highly qualified S&C coaches.

  • Tournament Preparation: This involves everything from scheduling, strategic planning, tapering your training and learning to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN rather than just by chance or luck.



Improving a client’s competitive performance is the end goal for all of our training. For a golfer to be successful, they need to convert the hard work of the practice ground to the high pressure environment of the course. The most successful golfers aren’t always the most talented, often they are the most successful in making this transition. To ensure my clients maximise their practice potential I focus on:

  • Routines and Processes: Learning to handle the pressure of tournament golf can be hugely facilitated via developing robust pre shot routines and following simple step by step processes.  I work closely with my students to develop flexible but consistent routines to ensure minimal "unforced errors" are made.

  • Zone/State Control: In a sport like golf where there is so much time to think between shots, being able to control your emotional and physical state to stay in the optimal performance zone is critical.  With a depth of knowledge of exactly how the brain works when producing golf swings under pressure, I give my students effective drills and strategies to keep them in "The Zone".  The mind controls the swing, not the body!

  • Tactical Awareness: In any given situation on the golf course there is often a choice of several different shots that can be played.  Knowing what the SMARTEST shot to play, can be the difference of 3 or 4 shots a round.  I have highly effective but simple systems and check lists for my students to help them weight up the risk/reward for each shot and have the discipline to stick to their decisions.


In golf, there is always room for improvement. By measuring key statistics we are able to reflect on success and identify areas for improvement, based on key statistical information. A close coach/client relationship also helps to uncover areas that a golfer can improve that don’t always show up in the stats. The process of measuring and reflecting includes:

  • Statistical Analysis: It's vital for competitive golfers to be able to regularly measure their skill level both in practice and in competition.  I have dozens of skills tests which help with this on the practice ground and I use GOLF DATA LAB to capture detailed stats from tournament rounds to measure the exact improvement of each particular department of their game.

  • Performance Review

  • Planning & Goal Setting:

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