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Increasing speed to maximise performance

The Mach 3 Golf Speed Training Program is a year-round speed training protocol that helps produce average clubhead speed gains of 11.5 mph for golfers of all ages and abilities.

For speed training to be truly effective, you must use tools that promote the development of POWER. Power is the combination of strength and speed. Mach 3 focuses mostly on speed, although the crossover benefit of Mach 3 training is the development of “golf strength,” in other words a type of strength that is useful in golf. It’s functional strength… not the kind of “straight line” strength that you get in the weight room, but a combination of mobility, stability, and rotational strength that is of huge benefit not only in golf, but in life.

Mach 3 contains both indoor and outdoor modules and can be used with a single golfer or with a large class. The training tools are unique to the programme and require no additional exercise machines.

The benefits of Mach 3

When you train with Mach 3 tools, in the Mach 3 style, you are getting the very best possible type of golf workout. You’ll get faster, stronger, and more mobile.

Mach 3 training is dynamic – It will make you feel alive and strong in a variety of planes of motion. The movements are broad, sweeping, and promote a combination of both strength and flexibility. There is nothing you can do with conventional gym equipment – machines, free weights, cables, or bands – that has the dynamic, freewheeling nature of Mach 3 training with rope and chain tools. You do need some space and outdoor areas are encouraged whenever weather permits.

To get the full benefit of the training tools, it is important to receive the appropriate introductory, training and review sessions.

It is not advised to use these tools without the proper training, this could lead to possible injury and dissatisfaction with the products


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