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Training Excellence

Getting you ready for and supporting you in competition.


Training and preparation


Competitive advantage


Measure and reflect

Training that holds you up under pressure.

Alex integrates a proven Three Performance Pillar framework into all of my golf coaching performance programmes.

This unique and effective methodology helps serious amateurs and tournament professionals develop your skills and ensures that these skills hold up under the pressures of tournament and championship golf.


When combined with Speed Training and data driven insights, it improves overall physical and mental performance, reduces your scores on the course and helps reach your fullest potential. 

Alex Saary Performance Coaching


Training and preparation

In the elite sporting world, what really separates those who make it from those who don’t is the quality and quantity of training and preparation.


To help you speed up the rate of development and lay the foundations for improvement I focus on 3 areas.

Skill Development 

Rapidly progress your technical and mental development as I develop bespoke training drills.

Strength & Conditioning

Enhance injury prevention, club head speed and technical development to help take skill sets up to the next level. 

Tournament Preparation

Everything from scheduling, strategic planning, tapering your training and learning to achieve peak performance by design.

Mach 3 Golf Training
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Competitive advantage.

Convert the hard work of the practice ground to the high-pressure environment of the course. The most successful golfers make this transition.

Routines and Processes

I help you develop robust pre shot routines and follow simple step by step processes. Consistent routines ensure minimal “unforced errors” are made.

Zone and State Control

Controlling your emotional and physical state to stay in the optimal performance zone is critical. I give my students effective drills and strategies to keep them in “The Zone” through knowledge of how the brain works producing golf swings under pressure.  The mind controls the swing, not the body!

Tactical Awareness

Knowing what the smartest shot to play, can be the difference of 3 or 4 shots a round. I have highly effective but simple systems to help them weigh up the risk/reward for each shot and have the discipline to stick to it.

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Measure and reflect

By measuring key statistics, we can reflect on performances and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

​Statistical Analysis

I have dozens of skills tests which help with measuring skill level in practice and competition and use Golf Data Lab for detailed tournament results to be exact in all parts of your game.

Performance Review

Assess and review how well all areas of tournament play, preparation, planning, and training are going. It helps identify 3 key factors:

  1. What you need to keep doing.

  2. What you need stop doing.

  3. What you need to start doing.

Planning & Goal Setting 

Set out key outcomes and goals which motivate and focus you on what you are trying to achieve. I work with you to put a list of priorities for the training and preparation required, putting them into a weekly and monthly training plan.

Hear what clients have to say


"Alex is unquestionably one of the most effective and knowledgeable coaches I have ever come across. 

Sir Clive Woodward,

British Olympic Association - Director of Sport. ('06-'12)

Get started

Choose the right programme for you.

One-off Sessions

Uncover road blocks.

1 hr   |  £170  

2 hrs |  £290  Save £50  

4 hrs |  £480  Save £200

Discounts for U18's on request.


 ✅ Remote practice support 

 ✅ Sent video files with voice over


Deep view of game and improvement plan.

5x1 hr   | £700 Save  £150 

10x1 hr | £1300 Save £400 


 ✅ Remote online practice support

 ✅ Sent video files with voice over

 ✅ Sessions valid for one year.

 ✅ 20% off training aids.

6 Month Programmes

For optimal long term development.

From £370 | per month

Billed monthly


 ✅ UNLIMMITED WhatsApp support

 ✅ Sent video files with voice over

 ✅ Monthly Training plans

 ✅ Online Performance reviews

 ✅ 9 or 18 hole playing lessons

 ✅ Tournament Caddying

 ✅ 20% off training aids.

 ✅ Stats analysis

Remote/online programmes can also be tailored to you, meaning you can get access to many of the features from anywhere in the world via smart phone apps, zoom video calls and email.

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